Sunday School

Sunday School is the place where people connect. This is where people develop friendships, minister to one another, learn the Bible and fellowship. It's the place to ask questions and share your thoughts. It's the place where people learn from one another how the Lord is working in peoples lives.

We have classes from nursery age through Senior Adults. We have couples classes to men's and women's classes. We have classes from time to time that concentrate on a particular topic. For instance, there was a class that concentrated on going through Revelation, then there was a class concentrating on the book: The Purpose Driven Life. In the future there will be other classes that center on a particular topic or book of the Bible. 

People are in need of direction in their lives. They have learned that people are not always on the level with them. As a result, they often wonder if there really is any absolute truth in the world. The answer is a resounding YES. There is a truth that continues to prove itself faithful. That truth is the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God that leads people to a "saving" relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Everyone is welcome to come to Sunday School. It begins at 9:00 a.m. 

Sunday School President Jon Crask