Who We Are

Our purpose is to be a New Testament Great Commission Church that glorifies God by our people sharing Jesus with other people.

Our motto is: There's always a smile for you here! 

Our motto reflects what you would expect to find in our church. People are warm and friendly. It would not be uncommon to enter the building seeing people enjoying one another. We have been told that we are a very friendly church. We have heard people say that the moment they walked into this church they knew this would be their church home.

When you come to church here you will find people dressed in various styles. Some people dress casually and some people dress more formally. We are not so concerned on how you dress, as we desire to share the love of Jesus Christ with people. 

We are a Biblically based church. We believe the Bible is the Holy Word of God. Therefore, you will not only hear the Bible be read in worship, but also taught. Pastor Calio carries a high view of the Bible and therefore interacts with it in his messages. He believes that Jesus is to be lifted up on high through the Word of God. His messages are a combination of teaching and preaching, with a public invitation given at the end of the message. You can expect to hear in the messages how people can be sure that when they leave this earth they will spend eternity in heaven. 

We believe that every person who repents of their sin and accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will enter heaven when they leave this earth. God welcomes and invites all people to come to Him when they come in faith in Christ.

We believe that God receives us by our faith in Jesus. Because of our faith, we are called by God to minister to people. We believe God bestows blessings on people, especially to those that love Him. We believe that God blesses His people so that they will in turn bless other people. Our desire in this church is to bless you!

We hope that you will be our guest. God Bless!

In Christ,

Dr. John Calio, Pastor